Shy Girl
please, don't touch more...
В поиске музыки и новых элементов танца наткнулась на видео у себя на компьютере, которое видела лет, наверное, 5 назад... и все рано оно вызвало тот же трепет, что и раньше. Смотрим и наслаждаемся!

"I think this story is about the old saying "if you love someone let them go". He tries to catch her and keep her at first but she always gets free. She keeps trying to lift off and go like her spirit yearns for her to do but he keeps holding her down as shown in the slow motion part and the part where she grows wings. Finally when he succeeds in keeping her with him, and untimatley changing her (she turns gray) he realizes she wasn't the girl he first fell in love with and no longer wants her."

@настроение: хорошее

@темы: танцевальное, насущное, мысли и чувства, видео